Valentin Geiss

Timeless Wedding Photographer Valentin Geiss

As creative, I’ve dedicated more than a decade to capturing moments globally. My portfolio weaves together intimate experiences, effortlessly aligning with a timeless approach to photography.

“drawing inspiration from unstaged laughter and a love for vintage aesthetics.”

Every couple’s story is unique, and my mission is to capture not just the energy but the essence of your history. Ready for a photography experience that transcends the ordinary? Let’s turn your love story into a masterpiece. Drop me a message and let’s begin sculpting your unforgettable moments.

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Growing up, my father diligently recorded our family moments with his VHS camera, capturing the essence of our daily lives. These cherished recordings allow us to relive those precious memories, instilling a profound appreciation for storytelling that has undoubtedly influenced my passion for wedding photography.

Today, as I watch those old family videos, my desire to preserve timeless moments for couples and their future generations intensifies. My work aims to encapsulate not just the fleeting joys but the enduring spirit of each unique love story.

Frames that mean the world to me.

When I’m not capturing wedding moments through my lens, I cherish living life to the fullest. For me, that means savoring a good cup of coffee on a quiet Sunday morning at home, or heading to the mountains with my girlfriend and our dog for a hike with friends. I relish the tranquility of nature, enjoy being somewhat of a recluse at times, and delight in cooking for friends.