Valentin Geiss


Bride and groom walking with joy in a park, sharing a playful moment.


Europe & Würzburg

Combining documentary photography with your wedding’s unique aesthetic, I aim to create intimate, vintage-inspired photography. My approach is simple: capturing genuine, spontaneous moments that define your day. If you see your wedding as more than just a celebration—an unforgettable experience filled with heartfelt moments—then we’re a perfect match. I specialize in authentically documenting your love story, from genuine smiles to spontaneous dancing, illuminating the true essence of your day. For my couples, it’s about creating lasting memories, filled with laughter, love, and lively celebration.

Wedding couple intimately touching hands at sunset in Spain, capturing a tender moment of connection
Timeless wedding couple at the beach, holding each other in a serene embrace.
Newlywed couple joyously walking through a park beside Hotel Freihof
Portrait of Valentin Geiss, a professional wedding photographer

For those who choose epic over cliche!

I am glad you’re here! Are you envisioning the most epic, classy party for your friends and family? My goal is to not just capture, but immortalize these special moments for you.

“Every glance at our wedding photos reignites the the joy of that magical day. Valentin didn’t just captured images, he captured the very essence and raw emotions of our love.  ”