Where to elope in the Alps? – Alps Elopement Locations

This is my very first english Blog article. YAY! And immediately a topic I am really passionate about: Elopement locations in the alps! In this article you will find 4 stunning regions for your intimate elopement. I put the focus on really beautiful nature spots and not so much on elopement venues. I have been to all of these regions by myself. So if you have any questions about the areas, hit me a message!

Elopement in the Dolomites


Most likely the dolomites are one of the most beautiful elopement areas in the world. Everything is offered, from turquoise mountain lakes over gorgeous mountain peaks to lush green hills. The dolomites offer something for everyone. As UNESCO world heritage the dolomites everyone gets its peace of cake. The mountain range sits right between Italy & Austria. I have been there first in 2015 and it the landscapes there simply blew me away. Since then I returned 3 or 4 times for hiking and sleeping in mountain cabins. The dolomites are famous for its crazy shaped rocks but also easy accessibility. For example you can visit the "Tre Cime di Lavaredo", almost by car. Just a little hike of 30min to 1hour is required to reach this beautiful spot!

Elopement in Switzerland

I think I don't have to mention, that Switzerland has some of the most beautiful places in Europe. Glaciers, peaks and waterfalls. You find everything you need! Actually it is also possible for non-residents to have legal marriage in the country. However, it can differ from region to region and city to city. So before you decide for a location it is a good tip to do some research abotu the area if ou want to get married legally.

Elopement in Austria

Austria might be a little overlooked. It has not the highest peaks and also not the crazy famous spots such as Lago di Braies/ Pragser WIldsee. But that doesn't mean that you cannot find stunning locations for your elopement in Austria. Austria mainly consists of mountains, so no matter in which area you want to get married, you'll find a spot! Compared to the dolomites & Switzerland Austria is considered cheaper.

Oufit für Paar bei Fotoshooting

Elopement in Julian Alps, Slovenia

The Julian Alps are most likely the least famous on this list. But that doesn't mean that they are less beautiful then the other locations. The Julian Alps highest peak is the Triglav. For its height its comparably easy to hike to the top. So if you are up for a "high" elopement, consider the Triglav as a good choice! Besides the Triglav there are many other beautiful spots where you can get eloped. I've searched my hard drive for some pictures of privat trips to show you how beautiful Slovenia is. If you are more like a water person, there is also the scenic Soca valley. Trust me this is such a beautiful spot. You have gorges, waterfalls and the clearest water you can imagine. If you liek it adventurous you can stay for honeymoon in the area and maybe do some kayaking.

You have questions regarding these awesome elopements spots in the alps or are planning your own elopement in one of these regions? Don't hesitate to contact me! I'll be in touch with you soon!

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