Being an Adventurous Elopement and Wedding Photographer

Today, I want to tell you a short story about myself. Usually I don't like to talk about myself and am a better listener than speaker - but I want to share this with you. Since I left school I was searching for something that really drives me, that I am passionate about. I studied business and engineering and worked in many different start-ups. Did an internship in the United States and spend over 15 months in Taiwan for studying.

During that time I discovered the outdoors for me and fell in love with taking photos. I am not that person who owns a camera since 10 years old. I got my first camera when I turned 18. It was a gift from my grandma, because I had an upcoming trip to NYC.

I travelled a lot, I hiked mountains and brought the camera everywhere I went. Why? Because the camera allowed me to capture these moments with family and friends and freezing them forever. Until today I produce a photo album of every trip I am doing. It is always such a good feeling to hold something in your own hands and sit there to remember these good times.

How I got into Wedding photography

One day I decided to join a befriended photographer on a wedding. I just wanted to see how this works out. From nature, I am just a curious person. Well this wedding was at the "Hoher Darsberg". A very well-known and expensive wedding location. Toni Kroos (german soccer player) is amongst many celebrities who married here. That day it somehow made click and I told myself: "Wow, this is an amazing experience! You are surrounded by happy people, on a beautiful summer day, celebrating their love!" Honestly, is there something better?

My True Passion

So after this event, I decided to pursue taking photos at weddings. But something was still missing. Yes it was fun to take photos on traditional weddings, but it was not fulfilling to 100%. So I decided to challenge myself drive to Spain and take elopement photos. As I love the outdoors and am really drawn to mountains, forests and lakes I wanted to shoot more elopements in epic sceneries. And that is what I do today. My goal is to follow people around the globe to shoot their love on very special landscapes.

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